a multigenerational campus church

An important part of our mission is to “impact our local communities.”  We want our church to make a real difference in our unique communities. A lasting difference.  The kind of difference that matters.

At the current time we have five primary impact teams.  They are:

1. Neighborhood Services Team

Our HOPE Team is designed to offer meaningful help to people in their times of need.  We work closely with Neighborhood Services in providing meals and other resources people need to through a tough time and get back on their feet.  Click HERE to learn more about how you can become involved in helping with Neighborhood Services.

2. Tree of Life Team

Tree of Life is a Christian elementary school that meets in our Indianola campus.  Some of our children come from homes that need extra support and encouragement.  Our Tree of Life Impact Team these special needs.  Click HERE to learn more about the Tree of Life Christian School.

3. Coffee Underground Team

One of the more creative ways we can serve our neighborhood is by providing a safe, fun, relaxing place to hang, make new friends, and deepen old friendships.   Trained volunteers are needed to work in our cafe, assisting the paid staff.  Volunteers are also needed to just hang out, meet our neighbors, and make new friends with those who frequent our cafe!

4. Zach’s House Team

Zach’s House is located just west of the Indianola church parking lot.  This three-bedroom home is located on Norwich Avenue–one of the most densely populated streets in all of Columbus.  Nearly all of our Zach House neighbors are college students enrolled at either OSU or Columbus State.