a multigenerational campus church

Life groups are the heart of our church.  They are where relationships are made and deepened.  They are where we have the best opportunities to live like Christ in the context of authentic community.

There are multiple Life Groups throughout the Indianola church community.  Some are for young adults, some our for older adults, some are cross-generational, and some are for just women.  New groups are forming throughout the year and there is room in at least one of our groups for you!

Life Groups meet weekly in homes, at the church facility, and other gathering places throughout the community.  Meetings consist of Bible study, prayer, much discussion and sharing of our lives, and special times set aside for service and celebration.  These are the places and people we “do life with.”  This is where the church becomes very real, vulnerable, and sensitive to each other’s needs.

Current list of Life Groups:

Twenty-Somethings (grad students & post grad)
Every Monday at 7:00pm – Parlor Room at Indianola Church
Leaders:  Mike & Pam Richardson

Every Tuesday at 7:00pm – Howard & Diana Hawks’ house
Teacher:  Howard Hawks

Every Tuesday at 7:00pm – Jason Stone’s house
Teacher:  Jason Stone

2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 2:00pm – Karen Ross’ house
Teacher:  Karen Ross

College Students
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm – Foundations Room at Indianola
Leaders:  Lauren Alexander and Ryan Kindell

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm – Bob & Sherry Barcus’ house
Teacher:  Bob Barcus

Every Thursday at 10:00am – Judy Holt’s house
Teacher:  Judy Holt

2nd & 4th Thursday at 7:00pm – Jane Miller’s house
Teacher:  Jane Miller

Thirty-Somethings (along with late 20’s and early 40’s).       Every Friday at 7:00pm – Jeremy & Mackenzie Gillespie’s house
Leaders:  Jeremy & Mackenzie Gillespie