a multigenerational campus church

Jesus once said that “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”  Matthew 20:28 NIV84

That sets the tone for everything that happens within the church.  We form Impact Teams to serve our local communities and Ministry Teams to meet the needs of our church families.

We have ministry teams for everything from worship to children to compassion-based ministries.  Everything we do, is led and served by teams of people who use their passions and gifts to serve others in needed ways.

1. Guest Service Team

On any given Sunday, any number of visitors or guests may be visiting with us on a Sunday morning.  We would like to make it a high priority to greet them with a warm, friendly smile, provide them with a equally warm cup of coffee, and help answer any questions they may have about our church and its mission

2. Usher Team

It may seem like a small way to serve, but no worship experience would be complete without the help of ushers who help distribute communion and receive our offerings.

3. Children’s Ministry Team

We have a very dedicated team of volunteers who provide classroom experiences and nursery care for our children, birth through seventh grade.  Programs are offered during our 9:00 Bible class time and our 10:15 worship service on Sundays.

4. Hope Team

Sometimes people need extra help.  We would like to provide those in need with encouragement and resources to get back on their feet and onto a path of healing and wholeness.

5. Life Group Team

At the heart of our church are our Life Groups. Volunteers are needed to serve as Life Group leaders and new volunteers are needed to train as apprentice leaders for future Life Groups.

6. Kitchen Team

Throughout the year we host a number of church events that one way or another involve food. Our Kitchen Team is awesome at preparing meals and hosting these events.

7. Praise and Worship Team

Every week a dedicated team of musicians and singers lead us in worship. Hours of preparation are given as each service is planned, rehearsed and led. Members of this team must audition to serve.