a multigenerational campus church

Every Sunday morning is a fresh, new encounter with God.  While our worship services are somewhat similar, there will still be unique expressions of worship offered up each week.

One thing that you will quickly notice is we highly value the worshiper’s experience.  Our hope is to help each and every worshiper connect wth God in a meaningful way.  This impacts the way we design our worship services.

Which means while our music is usually contemporary in flavor, it is performed in such a way to enhance the worship experience and not to become the focal point itself.  Our intent is that you will feel encouraged to become an active participant in the worship process–instead of feeling like you are attending something to watch as others perform for you.  Worship is something that ought to connect you personally with God Himself.

Since we are a multi-generational church, one thing you will notice is that we have a large percentage of members who are 20-somethings and an equally large percentage who are over the age of 60.  That is what makes us unique, but it also has an impact on how we worship as a church.  Along with contemporary songs we also mix in hymns on a nearly weekly basis with our times of singing.

Our services are casual, but plenty of people come dressed up because that is how they fell comfortable worshiping God.  Others come in their everyday clothes.  It is all up to you.  The important thing is to come and focus your heart upon encountering God and hearing His word spoken to you.

We do celebrate communion every Sunday morning. Communion is open to all Christ-followers, whether you are a church member or guest.  We encourage you to take the bread and juice as they are passed along the row and use that time to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us as He opened up a pathway for each of us to follow toward God.

Worship begins at our Indianola campus at 10:15 am.  We also offer a Sunday School program with Bible classes for all ages at 9:00 am.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email at THIS address.