a multigenerational campus church

The Indianola Church of Christ began over a century ago in the year 1913.  Over the years, its little corner of Indianola and Norwich has seen dramtic changes as the neighborhood transformed from a quiet, family-oriented community to one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in all of Columbus–with large mutli-unit student housing facilities lining Norwich Avenue.

Some of these changes were difficult for the church to adjust to and at times the church struggled to have a significant impact on its immediate community.  But with the dawn of a new century the church redoubled its efforts and now has become a multi-generational church hgihly targeted on impacting its immediate neighborhoods.

One of its major commintments to the neighborhood was the purchase and development of Zach’s House.  Located on the west end of the church parking lot, Zach’s House looks like any other house along Norwich Avenue, filled with college students and post-grads experiencing urban life near the OSU campus.  But on the inside, Zach’s House is a ministry center dedicated to serving its neighborhood in meaningful ways.

Special events include neighborhood Block Parties, weekly bonfires in the summer months, special community dinners, special meals during finals weeks, and spontaneous gatherings throughout the year.

In 2014, the church formed a partnership with Libby Glover, entrepeneur and founder of the Four and Twenty Bake Shop and created The Early Bird food trailer which featured its awesome beignets.  For much of the following year, the Early Bird trailer was a regular feature on Indianola Avenue.

Since the, LIbby then poured her heart into helping the Indianola Church launch its own coffeeshop–Coffee Underground–which opened in the fall of 2015.  Libby then helped recruit and train the church’s own current coffeeshop manager, Erin Barron, who has helped make Coffee Underground an important part of neighborhood.

The fall of 2015 was also significant for another important reason.  Lauren Alexander was hired to serve as our new campus ministry director and formed a new student campus outreach ministry called CCO Buckeyes, which functions as a shared partnership between the Indianola Church and the national CCO partnership.  Since then, our student,outreach continues to grow, develop and expand into our neighborhood and onto the north campus of the Ohio State University.