a multigenerational campus church

One of the questions people often ask when visiting a new church is “What kind of church is this?”

The Indianola Church is part of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, also known as the Restoration Movement.  This is a non-denominational network of churches who share three common values: Biblical Truth, Christian Unity, and a Heart for Evangelism.

Although we are part of this network of churches, we are compleltely governed by our own board of elders, selected from within our own membership.  There are no outside organizations that determine our policies, budgets, or priorities.

Because we are a relatively old church, having been established in 1913, we have many traditions that make us unique from many other churches you might visit.  But it is our “all in” commitment to passing our faith on to each new generation that makes our uniqueness complete.

We are truly young and old at the same time.  We have an abundance of people who have gained a lifetime of experiences following after Jesus Christ as well as the youthful exhuberance of 20-somethings who are turning their hearts toward God.

We are in every way a multigenerational church and value this aspect of our culture highly.  Our hope is continue to be a leading multi-generational church serving the students and young adults who live in and around the Ohio State Campus for the next 100 hundred years of our history, and beyond.

We value traditions.  We embrace change.  And we try our best to follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, living out His gospel with our daily lives.  We uphold the Bible as God’s Word and use it as our guide, as our comfort, as our inspiration, and our insight into all spiritual truth.u

To better understand the kind of church we are, check out following video that highlights the most recent national convention of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.