a multigenerational campus church

We are a multi-generational church.  It defines who we are and how we approach outreach and ministry.

Having been established as a church in 1913, we have many members who have attended Indianola for their entire lives.  They were babies in the nursery, attended youth activities and classes throughout their childhood, got married at the church, raised their own family as members, and our now senior adults still as committed to the church as ever.

So we have a significant number of senior adults who have called Indianola their home.

But the church has long ago realized that it must focus its effort on reaching out to the thousands of students and young adults who live within a ten-minute walk of our church facility.  But a desire or dream does not bring about the kind of church we wanted to be until we were willing to make the kinds of changes needed to serve a much younger demographic.

Over the past ten years, the church has poured an increasing amount of its time, energy, and finances into developing a more effective college and young adult ministry.

Today, on a typical Sunday, you will see many college students and young adults, many senior adults, and all of the generations in between joining together as one church family.


That’s probably the most exciting thing about the Indianola church–how well the generations connect with each other and value the other generations.

This multi-generational value impacts the way we worship, the ways we connect in community, and even the ways we choose to serve others.  It is an integral part of who we are and we are thrilled to be a truly multi-generational church serving the students and young adults who live and around the north campus of the Ohio State University!