a multigenerational campus church

A Unique Mission

Since our very beginning in 1913, the Indianola Church has been here to serve the neighborhoods surrounding the Lane and Indianola intersection.  At first this area was known as North Columbus.  Enrollment at Ohio State was just under 4,000 students, so the North Columbus community looked quite different than today.  Instead of what is now largely off-campus student housing, in 1913 it was nearly all young families enjoying life in the northern suburbs–complete with its own Indianola amusement park.

Flash forward 100 years later, and these neighborhoods have seen dramatic changes.  Now the north campus neighborhoods surrounding the church are made up almost entirely of student housing.

That makes our challenge, our purpose, and our mission quite unique.  We are a 100 plus-year old multigenerational church more dedicated than ever to serve the students who live in and around the north campus commununities.