a multigenerational campus church

Bible Reading

Over the years, we have been following a shared Bible reading program.  Our hope is to continue our shared Bible readings in the years to come, as often as we can preaching from these same texts on Sunday mornings, and discussing them in many of our Life Groups and Bible studies.  Our hope is that meaningful Bible reading will become an important part of every Christ-followers life!

Our Bible Reading Guide

Sun, Jan 28–Psalm 46
Mon, Jan 29–Isaiah 17
Tues, Jan 30–Isaiah 18
Wed, Jan 31—Isaiah 19
Thurs, Feb 1–Isaiah 20
Fri, Feb 2–Isaiah 21
Sat, Feb 3–Proverbs 17

Sun, Feb 4–Psalm 47
Mon, Feb 5–Isaiah 22
Tues, Feb 6–Isaiah 23
Wed, Feb 7—Isaiah 24
Thurs, Feb 8–Isaiah 25
Fri, Feb 9–Isaiah 26
Sat, Feb 10–Proverbs 18

Sun, Feb 11–Psalm 48
Mon, Feb 12–Isaiah 27
Tues, Feb 13–Isaiah 28
Wed, Feb 14—Isaiah 29
Thurs, Feb 15–Isaiah 30
Fri, Feb 16–Isaiah 31
Sat, Feb 17–Proverbs 19

Sun, Feb 18–Psalm 49
Mon, Feb 19–Isaiah 32
Tues, Feb 20–Isaiah 33
Wed, Feb 21—Isaiah 34
Thurs, Feb 22–Isaiah 35
Fri, Feb 23–Isaiah 36
Sat, Feb 24–Proverbs 20

Sun, Feb 25–Psalm 50
Mon, Feb 26–Isaiah 37
Tues, Feb 27–Isaiah 38
Wed, Feb 28—Isaiah 39
Thurs, Mar 1–Isaiah 40
Fri, Mar 2–Isaiah 41
Sat, Mar 3–Proverbs 21