a multigenerational campus church

Grace is a fascinating concept.  At its core, it involves receiving a gift or blessing in spite of doing nothing to deserve it.  A gift given just because the gift-giver loves us.

God is the amazing gift-giver who blesses us with his love, his forgiveness, and a special kind of indescribable life.

But as amazing that grace can be, it can be messy.  Because God’s  love is directed to people who have made a mess of their lives.  God chooses to reach down into a very messy world and share his love with us when we are the most unlovely.

One of the messy part of our lives is our sexuality.  Sexual intimacy was given to us by God as a beautiful way to express authentic love between a man and woman, to unite them together as one in a special marriage relationship, and to bring new life into the world.

But ever since the fall we have become broken people who live messy lives.  Even something as beautiful as sexually intimacy between a husband and a wife has become something less, something jaded, something turned upside down, inside out, and all twisted around.

Throughout this four-week series we will talk about some of the most difficult topics a church can talk about.  About our sexuality.  About our brokenness. About sexual purity.  About God’s original design for exist intimacy.  About same sex attractions.  About marital faithfulness.  And about how God’s amazing grace needs to be freely shared with all who will seek him as we turn to him for healing, for hope, and for love.