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Current Sermon Series

While some parts of the Bible are familiar to many, others are less well known.  Much of the books of the Old Testament fall into the less-well-known category.

Part of the reason is that the parts about Jesus and the early church are all found in the New Testament.  It’s too easy to just skip over the Old Testament parts and get right to the “Jesus” parts.

Yet there is much that is valuable in the Old Testament.  In fact, the Bible that Jesus would have read as a child, a teenager, and as a young man would have been made up of just the Old Testament.

In it, he would have read the fascinating books of prophecy where God’s words were proclaimed to his people to call them back from their rebellion and back onto paths of obedience.  In many of these books of prophecy, the younger Jesus would have read bold predictions of the coming Messiah as well.

The book of Isaiah is the first book of prophecy found in our Bibles. It was the longest of all of the books of prophecy.  And it was the book of prophecy most quoted by Jesus himself.  It contains many power prophecies about the coming Messiah and what he would be like when he appeared.

Join with us this winter as we dive deeply into an extended study of this most fascinating, even mysterious book of Isaiah.