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Current Message Series

For many, the most familiar chapter of the Bible is the 23rd Psalm.  This Psalm, written by King David, describes the trusting relationship that forms between a good shepherd and the sheep that are in His flock.

King David knew from his own experience what it was like to be entrusted with the care of a flock of sheep.  He was a lowly shepherd boy for most of his childhood and into his early adolescence–until the time he went off to visit his brothers at the front lines of a military showdown and he ended up slaying the giant Goliath with his sling.

Sheep.  Steams of water.  Green fields.  A shepherd’s staff.  These are just some of the images woven into the beauty of King David’s psalm as he teaches his readers how we are to trust in and depend upon our loving God and Father the same way the sheep in his flock once learned to trust and depend upon him.

Join with us on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am as we share in these messages of trust, comfort, and promise all taken from this most favorite of Bible passages.