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Upcoming Events

Jubilee Conference

What is Jubilee you ask? The Jubilee Conference is about living faithfully in every area of life. For over 40 years, over 70,000 college students come to Pittsburgh to talk, learn, think, and dream about the public implications of their personal transformation. It’s a gathering of thousands of college students learning how to worship God with their whole lives. Jubilee 2018 will…

Evelyn Benge Memorial service

There will be a memorial service for Evelyn Benge on Saturday, March 3 here at Indianola Church of Christ.  The service will begin at 10:00am. We will be hosting a luncheon for the Benge family and guests after the memorial service. If you have questions regarding the meal, please contact the church office.

Gratitude Party

Why are you the guest of honor? Because only Indianola Church of Christ could have converted me from agnostic to believer. I am so grateful that I want to give back. Save Sunday, March 4 as a date for lunch after the service. Let’s celebrate God’s blessings! ~ Anne Fish

Connections Lunch

“Connections Lunch” — We will be pairing 2-3 of our college students up with families.  These families will host the students after church.  Either take them out to eat – or have them in your home for lunch.  Our next Connections event will be Sunday, March 25.  If you are interested in hosting a Connections lunch, please indicate that on your response card.  If…

CRASE Training Course

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Course With sad and alarming incidents in U.S. churches in the past year or so, we have coordinated with the Franklin Country Sheriff’s office to offer this free CRASE training at the church. The training will be Wednesday, April 4 from 6:00-9:00pm. CRASE training is designed and built on the Avoid, Deny, Defend strategy developed…

Finals Dinners

We will be providing Finals Dinners for our college students in and around our neighborhood on Tuesday, April 24, Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26. We provide a FREE, homemade dinner (from 5:00-6:30pm) and then our building is open until midnight for a safe study space.  Our study space is MUCH better than a crowded library! Free Wi-Fi, snacks & coffee!