a multigenerational campus church

Messy Grace: The Grace Part

Bible Text: John 8:2-11
This Sunday we begin a new four-week series on “Messy Grace.” Messy, because our lives our messy. Messy, because we are often messy people. Messy because even when we are at our best we fall short of God’s expectations. Grace, because God loves each and every one of so very much. Grace, because even though we do not deserve God’s love, he chooses to love us anyways. Grace, because God loves us so much that he is willing to leave behind the safe, the comfortable, the tidy, and the clean to send his own son down to us and live in our messy world so that he might show us how great is his love for us. One of the messiest part of our lives is our sexuality.  God designed our sexuality to be a gift to bless in a very special, even sacred way.  But since the fall, our sexuality has become broken and, in a phrase, “messed up.” Today, Mike Richardson will discuss how God’s grace extends to each us—even those of us who feel the most unloved and most distant from God—as we address some of the more challenging problems facing our world today.