a multigenerational campus church

Messy Grace: The Identity Part

For the past three weeks we have taken a closer look at “Messy Grace.”  We began by looking at the grace part itself and discussed how it extended to all people, even people we might think grace can no longer reach.  Then we re-examined the truth part and the love part of “Messy Grace.”  What we discovered is that although life is indeed messy, and we as people often live very messy, very complicate, very conflicted lives…that grace, truth, and love ideally exist in a beautiful balance.  A balance demonstrated so often by Jesus when he touched the lives of so many who needed to discover God’s amazing “Messy Grace.” Now Mike Richardson, our Lead Pastor, will share a final message on the identity part.  Everything we have discussed and re-examined all come into focus as we answer the deepest questions of life.  Who am I?  Who do I desire to be?  What does God really want from me?  Does God even care about me?