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Messy Grace: The Love Part – Life Lessons from Jesus

We are now at the midway point in our “Messy Grace” series.  As we have continued to look more deeply at our understanding of what messy grace means, we have covered the topics of grace and truth.  While we are often tempted to err to greatly toward one side or the other when faced with messy situations and relationships, the greater challenge is to keep both grace and truth in balance—or in the proper tension.  How?  By better understanding this Sunday’s topic—love. When we truly love someone, we find it natural to extend to them grace while, at the same time, we also find ourselves speaking more authentically than with others we may not know as well.  Real authentic love enables us to speak the truth to others in an attitude and perspective of grace.  Cory Holt, one the elders at Indianola, will share this Sunday’s message on “The Love Part of Grace.”