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Messy Grace – The Truth Part – Lessons from Jonah

Last Sunday we began our “Messy Grace” teaching series, based on a book written by Caleb Kaltenbach. Week one was all about “The Grace Part.” Week two will be about “The Truth Part.” Cory Holt, and elder and lifelong member of the Indianola Church, will share life lessons from the story of Jonah and stretch our thinking about some very deep, yet very practical spiritual truths. As we live out the gospel in a very messy world, we will
sometimes be called by God to move out of our comfort zones and reach out to people different from us—people we may not understand very well. In fact, since we follow a leader who specialized in reaching out to the those often marginalized by society and by the religious community, we can expect that following in the footsteps of Jesus will stretch us to become increasingly compassionate, caring people throughout the rest of our lives.