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Moses – Who Am I? – A Prophet of God?

What do you say when someone tells you they have both good new and bad news, and asks you which would you like to hear first? Are you a “good news” first kind of person, or do you prefer to face the “bad news” first? Whenever our thoughts turn to matters of faith, we are all too aware that there is both “good news” and “bad news” that needs to be shared. None of us really wants to face the “bad news”–especially if we can find a way to avoid it. But sharing the “good news” only slants the truth. Moses was called by God to be a prophet to His people. That meant Moses had to share both the “good and the bad news.” Next Sunday, we will turn to the “good news.” But this Sunday, we will take up the message of “bad news” that all of us need to hear in order for us to understand and appreciate the “good news” more fully. We start where the “bad news” begins, in the Garden of Eden and continue on to where the “bad news” invades the people of Israel as they seek to worship and follow God in the desert wilderness on their lifelong journey to the Promised Land.