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Moses – Who Am I? – Who Can Redeem Us?

Moses played many roles as he led the people of Israel out of bondage, across the barren wilderness, to their final destination of the Promised Land. Some of these roles fell naturally to him, others made him feel more uncomfortable. One of his most difficult roles was to proclaim God’s laws, commands and dire warnings. God’s people were stubborn and often disobeyed these commands, so Moses had to remind them again and again about God’s very clear expectations. But God also gave Moses a significant amount of “good news” to proclaim as well. Along with the laws and commands came a system of offerings and sacrifices that God’s people could offer up to God to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Through Moses, God established a system of redemption that foreshadowed the eventual coming of Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. An event that Moses had the unique experience of witnessing in the most miraculous of ways.