a multigenerational campus church

Our Core Values – Multi-Generational Church Life

As we continue our discussion on the potential core values of the Indianola Church of Christ, we turn to one that some might find confusing. We believe one of our core values is being a multigenerational church. But isn’t every church a multigenerational church? The answer is more complex then you might think. Many churches are multigenerational to some degree, but often one particular generation is more dominantly represented– often the older generations. Here around the OSU campus, there are newer churches that have been planted with the goal of reaching primarily the millennial generation. In these churches you would be considered to be “older” if you were well into your 30’s or 40’s. At Indianola we are trying to be a multigenerational church that has a vibrant outreach to the millennials who attend OSU, living either on compass or in off-campus housing. That makes us unique among the churches in the University District. Cory Holt, an elder and lifelong member of Indianola, will share this Sunday’s message and help us to understand our unique mission and mission context and how we as a church have this these unique challenges since our birth as a church in 1913.