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Psalm 23:6 – Traveling Light

As we close out our series on the 23rd Psalm, we find that
our path has led us full circle. What began as a wonderful exclamation that in God, we have everything we need, now ends with the promise and hope that we can live in the very presence of God, not just in our present, every-day lives, but for all of eternity. Imagine the impact that such words would have had one a people who did not know of the great promises of resurrected life that Jesus would give to His followers. King David’s incredible faith and deep connection to God enables him to see or in some part sense that we have a real hope beyond our lives upon planet Earth—that someday, somehow, some way we can live our lives forever more in a place that God has created for us—a place where God Himself will dwell. Josh Rodriguez, our associate pastor, will close out our series with this very special message taken from Psalm 23:6.