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The Celebration of Christmas: The Lights

Message Summary: As Christmas Day approaches we will spend our Sunday mornings talking about the different aspects of “The Celebration of Christmas.” We will begin with a message about “The Lights.” In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus challenged his followers to live as if they were the “light” of the world. What does is mean for us to be the spiritual light of our world? Troy Hunter will be speaking this Sunday on the topic of becoming spiritual light, using the example of Samson to help us better understand the need for personal sacrifice to enable our light to shine the brightest. Troy is a graduate student at Ohio State and is close to completing a masters degree in Social Work. He has served faithfully as a student leader with our CCO Buckeyes and at Zach’s House. Troy has a passion for ministry and a heart for helping others become fully alive and vibrant in their spiritual relationships with God.

Bible Text:  Matthew 5:14-16, Judges 13-16