a multigenerational campus church

The Celebration of Christmas: The Surprise

Message Summary: After weeks of preparation, and for some of us months, Christmas is finally here!  The most planned over, prepared for, stressed about holiday of the year. But also, in so many significant ways, the most wonderful holiday of the year as well. And yet, in spite of all of our careful preparations, all of our list-making and checking-things-off-of-lists, we still feel like just maybe we have forgotten something or someone important in all of our hustle and bustle. Hopefully the one person we haven’t forgotten this Christmas season is Jesus Christ himself. Remember Jesus? He is the one this whole holiday celebration is all about anyways, yet everything about Jesus can and often is overlooked or squeezed over to the sides of our crazy, busy lives.  But not on Christmas Eve. Not on Christmas Day.  May we all make Jesus the center of our worship experience as we join together and celebrate the birth of Jesus and the many surprises that life of following Jesus Christ may bring to our lives.

Bible Text:  Isaiah 43:18-19