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The Great Life – Studies From the Book of Philippians (4:1-9)

For the past six weeks we have made our way through the
first three chapters of Philippians. Now we turn our attention to the fourth and
final chapter. Here we find the apostle Paul detailing some of the high points of
what we are calling “The Great Life”—a life lived fully for God. Sitting far away in
a prison cell, cut off from his most ardent supporters, the apostle Paul is
undaunted. Rising above his circumstances, seeing beyond the walls that were
meant to contain him and his faith, Paul writes about the experiences of joy and
peace. Authentic joy and peace. Lasting joy and peace. As we study through
this final chapter to the church at Philippi, let us also consider our own lives in
comparison with the “The Great Life” that Paul’s describes to his readers. Are
our lives filled with experiences of joy and peace or are we somehow falling short
of the mark? What can we do to rekindle our passion to more fully follow God in
the year 2017?