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The Mysteries of God — The Book of Isaiah: An Intro

Message Summary: Over the past several years, we have found it beneficial to dedicate the winter months to diving deeper into studies of the Old Testament. We’ve recently done studies on the book of Genesis and then, last year, a study of the life of Moses. This year we will be participating in a three month series on one of the greatest books of prophecy ever written—the book of Isaiah. Isaiah was a great man of God who preached boldly for 50 years over the reigns of four different Judean kings. Yet his message remained consistent and clear. At least for the first 39 chapters of his book of prophecy.  Then in chapter 40, everything changed. As Mike Richardson, our Lead Pastor, launches this series, we will begin discussing the reasons for this dramatic change, what it meant for the people of Judea, and more importantly, what it ultimately means for God’s people today. As we study this very significant book together, our hope and prayer is that we will all come to appreciate why this book was the favorite book of prophecy most quoted and referred to by Jesus Christ himself.

Bible Text:  Isaiah 1:1, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 12:2