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The Mysteries of God — The Book of Isaiah: Chapter 1

Bible Text:  Isaiah 1:1-20, Deuteronomy 31:8

Message Summary: Last Sunday we were introduced to the book of Isaiah, taking a broad look at its author, its time period, its context, and its intended purpose.  This Sunday we will dive into a study of its opening verses found in Isaiah 1:1-20.  Here we will find Isaiah proclaiming spiritual truths to God’s people—truths they do not seem to want to hear and do not seem to want to accept.  But Isaiah proclaimed them anyways, because there were things that they were doing that were upsetting God and driving a wedge between their relationship.  Things God had repeatedly warned them against doing, yet they far too often ignored his warnings and continued to pursue their own personal agendas to their own personal satisfaction.  As we read and study these words we will look for points of contact between God’s relationship with his people thousands of years ago and our relationship with God today.  Our study will help us better understand the kinds of things we do that most upset God and the kinds of things he is most looking for in those who want to express their love to him.