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The Mysteries of God — The Book of Isaiah: Chapter 40

Bible Text:  Isaiah 40:1-31

Message Summary: We are now three weeks into our winter long study of the book of Isaiah. We have taken a careful look at its context and purpose and have waded into a study of chapters one and six. Now we are ready to dive into our main course of study—what many call Book 2 of the book of Isaiah, chapters 40-55. Why are we studying these 16 specific chapters?  Because they have a very unique message to God’s people, during the days that they were written, to the future people they were written for, and for all of God’s people through the ages. As we ponder the great mysteries of God contained in this most fascinating book, we will examine the purpose and intent of these very special chapters where we will find many prophecies about Jesus and the future of God’s people. Everything begins with chapter 40, as Mike Richardson leads us in a study of a message that was intended to both inspire and comfort God’s people across all ages!