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The Mysteries of God — The Book of Isaiah: Chapter 42

Bible Text:  Isaiah 42:1-16, Matthew 3:16-17, Matthew 17:5-7, Romans 3:23, 26, Isaiah 40:11, 31

Message Summary: As we continue our winter-long study of Isaiah, let us remind ourselves that we are reading a contemporary translation of something that was written over 2,500 years ago.  Isaiah wrote to a people and a time that was far different than us today. So we can expect many Isaiah’s references to be difficult to understand or apply to our circumstances today.  But the truth is far more impressive. Somehow this very ancient document speaks coherently to a world its author could never have anticipated—because ultimately Isaiah spoke on behalf of a very real God who can knows and understands the future as well as the best of us could ever hope to know or understand our immediate past.  In chapter 42 we find that Isaiah describes the coming Messiah, the person we now know as Jesus, with remarkable depth of insight.  Join with us as we study these ancient prophecies and discover some profound and impactful truths about the “beloved” Son of God!