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Traveling Light – Psalm 23

Do you have any plans to travel this summer? Any trips planned to the beach or a weekend away in the mountains? Do you have your passport and vacation guide ready for some exciting journey to some faraway port? Or are you planning on just enjoying the summer here in central Ohio? In any case, we have all faced that moment of truth when we need to decide what to pack for our upcoming time away from home. What do we choose to pack and what do we choose to leave behind? Have we learned the art of traveling light or do we travel with far too many suitcases and stuff we will probably never need? Throughout the next six weeks we will be diving into a study of Psalm 23, possibly the most famous of all Bible chapters, and learning how we “travel light” in all of our lives journeys. This Sunday, Josh Rodriguez, our associate pastor, will launch our series with a study of verse one in a message he is entitling “More Than Enough!”