a multigenerational campus church

Welcome to the Family – Becoming Generous

We now stand at week five of our six week series of what
it means to become a member of the Indianola Church of Christ. Cory Holt is a
lifelong member of our church, having been raised at our church and has served
in countless ways throughout the years, most recently in the added role of an
elder at Indianola. Cory comes as a fellow member, as a church leader, and as
one whose heart has a special burden to share about the expectation we have
for the members of Indianola to become a generous people. Historically,
Indianola has been a generous church. At one time, we were a leading supporter
of a significant mission work in the Philippines. In more recent times we have
been avid supporters of our campus outreach ministries. But the key to being a
generous church all hinges on having members who themselves are generous
people. Cory will share his thoughts and insights on how each of us could
become a generous in our attitudes and actions.