a multigenerational campus church

Welcome to the Family – Becoming Productive

“What does it mean to be a member of the Indianola
Church of Christ?” Over the past three weeks we have discussed three key
expectation for our church members: that they would be committed to growing
closer to God, growing closer to others in the church, and becoming more like
Jesus Christ. Josh Rodriguez, our associate pastor, will now share a fourth
expectation—that our church members will find a meaningful place to serve
where they become productive and what the Bible describes as “bear much fruit.”
We all have been given a role by God to be fulfilled by our lives upon the earth.
What is our own unique role and am I committed to performing the role that God
has given me to the best of my abilities? Am I making a real difference in the
lives of others both within the church and within our community? There is much
for each of us to consider as we evaluate our place in the church and what “next
steps” we can take to become more productive in our acts of service and