a multigenerational campus church

Welcome to the Family – Today is Decision Day!

We are not always the best at making decisions.  Especially when face with really “big” decisions.  The ones that matter.  The ones with lasting impact.  For the past six weeks we have been sharing the six core expectations we have for anyone who chooses to become a member of the Indianola Church of Christ.  These are not mere suggestions or good ideas to try, but rather, lie at the heart of what it means to become a true follower of Jesus Christ.  Are you ready to give yourself fully to Jesus Christ?  Do you want to become a member of the Indianola church?  Are their areas of your life that need improvement and “next steps” that you need to be taking?  Mike Richardson, our lead pastor, will guide us through an experience to identify some of our best “next steps” and lead us to a point of decision.  Ultimately, the choice is between each of us and God.  What will you decide to do?